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Solaglaze Pitched Rooflights from the Rooflight Experts

If you have a home with a normal pitched roof and you would like to have rooflights installed, you don’t have to worry about spoiling the exterior appearance of your property. Our Solaglaze pitched rooflights are designed to fit flush with the angle of a pitched roof so they will enhance the appearance of your home both inside and out. Normal rooflights can be installed in a pitched roof but they will sit out of plane, which is not what most homeowners want. With our pitched rooflights, however, you can enjoy more natural light in your home without spoiling the flow of your roofline.

Durable, High-Quality Pitched Rooflights, Manufactured in the UK

In common with all of the rooflights and roof lanterns that we sell, the Solaglaze range for pitched roofs is manufactured here in the UK, to exceptionally high standards. Every unit is made to order so you can be sure that the rooflights you receive are perfect for your needs. With hermetically sealed double glazing, EDPM rubber gasket seals and an anthracite grey uPVC frame, our pitched rooflights are stylish, durable and designed to ensure exceptional thermal performance. Furthermore, all units are designed and manufactured to meet British Standards for weather tightness, air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance.

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Installation of Pitched Rooflights

All of the rooflights that we sell have been designed with ease of installation in mind and that includes our Solaglaze pitched roof models. A competent professional should be capable of installing multiple units in a single day so there’s no need to worry about weeks of disruption to your home life if you want to introduce more natural light into your property. For larger roofs, multiple units can be fitted in a single frame, ensuring an efficient installation process and aesthetically pleasing results. Whether you order multiple units with a single frame or with individual frames, your new pitched rooflights will be supplied with quality angle brackets that match the frame colour. If you have any questions about the installation procedure, please feel free to contact us at any time during normal business hours.

Ordering Rooflights for Pitched Roofs

You can place an order on our website whenever you wish and look forward to your new rooflights being delivered in less than a week. However, please double-check your measurements before ordering: as every unit is made to order, the dimensions cannot be changed afterwards.