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Commercial Rooflights

High-Quality Commercial Rooflights

We have an extensive selection of commercial rooflights and skylights, manufactured to high standards from exceptionally durable materials. Every skylight and roof lantern that we sell is sourced from reputable manufacturers and is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Whatever type of premises your company occupies, we can supply you with skylights or rooflights that enhance both the exterior and interior, and offer a number of additional benefits too.

Why Buy Commercial Rooflights From Us?

As skylight, rooflight and roof lantern specialists with many years of experience, we are the supplier of choice for numerous commercial organisations across the United Kingdom. When you buy commercial skylights from us, you are assured of the following:

 commercial roof lights

Hassle-Free Installation – All of the skylights and rooflights that we stock have been designed with ease-of-installation in mind. Furthermore, each one is supplied with a simple installation guide to ensure that you do not encounter any problems when fitting them.

Bespoke Products – Many commercial customers require skylights and rooflights of specific sizes that are outside the normal range stocked by UK suppliers. We offer a bespoke manufacturing service to our commercial clients: if we don’t stock skylights in the sizes you require, we will have them manufactured for you.

Full Warranty – Every product that we sell is supplied with a full warranty for your peace of mind. We know they are suitable for commercial premises but you don’t have to take our word for it because you will have a warranty that covers faulty materials.

Nationwide Delivery – We deliver our commercial rooflights and skylights to all parts of the UK. No matter where you are, you can take advantage of our competitive prices and high-quality product range.

Huge Selection – We have one of the largest selections of skylights anywhere in the country. Whether you are looking for elegant roof lanterns that will grace a period property or industrial quality skylights for a busy manufacturing facility, we can supply what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Warranty Do Your Commercial Skylights Come With?

Our skylights, rooflights and roof lanterns are supplied with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects in construction or materials. Whilst we very much doubt you will ever have to make a claim, it is still nice to have a lengthy warranty for your peace of mind. If you would like to see the terms & conditions for a specific product’s warranty, please feel free to call or message us with your request.

Why Should I Choose Your Commercial Skylights?

There are a number of reputable manufacturers and suppliers of skylights in the UK and we would be the last to suggest that Rooflights & Roof Lanterns was your only choice. Having said that, we do believe there are a number of very good reasons to order your commercial skylights from us rather than from another supplier in the UK. These include our short lead times for custom orders, our speedy delivery service and outstanding customer service.

Are Your Commercial Skylights Easy to Maintain?

Yes, all of the commercial skylights in our range are exceptionally easy to maintain. An occasional wipe down of all surfaces and washing of the glazed parts will ensure they remain in excellent condition for many years. Operable skylights, i.e. those with moving parts, should have those parts lubricated every once in a while, to ensure they continue to operate smoothly.

What Are Some of the Potential Benefits of Commercial Skylights?

For commercial premises that welcome customers on a daily basis, such as bistros, cafes and restaurants, skylights can help to transform dark and dingy areas into light, airy and appealing spaces in which people want to spend time. They can also help to create a healthier working environment through the introduction of more natural light and fresh air.

Do You Deliver to All Parts of the UK?

Yes, we do. Whether you would like us to deliver to your home or business address in the UK, we will be happy to oblige. As long as it is a registered address, we can get your new commercial skylights to you without fail. If you have any questions about our delivery service or you would like to confirm that we can deliver to your address because you have had problems with other suppliers in the past, please feel free to get in touch.

Buy a Commercial Rooflight or Skylight Today

In addition to enhancing the interior and exterior of any property in which they are installed, our commercial rooflights and skylights are designed to improve ventilation and make your building more energy-efficient. Make sure that you get the best skylights for your commercial premises by buying high-quality, UK-made units from Rooflights & Roof Lanterns. Call now to request a full quotation covering all of your requirements.