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Fakro rooflights are a great option for any homeowner or business owner looking for top quality products. Fakro has been producing and innovating in the rooflight industry for over 30 years, which simply speaks to their commitment to excellence. Fakro ensures all of their products meet the highest of standards and regulations so that customers can have peace of mind when using and installing Fakro rooflights. Fakro stands behind all of their products, guaranteeing both quality and long-time reliability. Fakro rooflights will keep performing as expected, making them an excellent investment well beyond their initial cost!

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Fakro roof windows provide strength and stability to pitched roofs while still allowing ample natural light inside the home. These ingenious windows are designed to hang on a pitched roof and tilt open. The ability to tilt open makes it easy for anyone, no matter their size or strength, to easily clean the outside of the window without having to step onto or lean over the pitched roof. In addition, Fakro roof windows come double glazed and insulated just like regular windows which helps make your energy efficiency rating higher than most pitched roofs. All in all these windows are perfect for pitched roofs as they have excellent opening capabilities and add an element of luxury and convenience that you can't find with other pitched roof systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a Fakro Rooflight?

Rooflights are an excellent way to bring natural light into your home, and Fakro roof windows offer the highest standards of quality. Not only do they help reduce electricity bills by cutting down on daytime lighting requirements, but they also improve air quality. In addition, their aesthetically pleasing design can greatly enhance the look of any room, adding a touch of class to any property. Investing in a Fakro roof window is truly rewarding for any homeowner; it makes for an attractive attraction that gives lasting charm to your decor.

Why Should I Consider Fakro Roof Windows for My Home?

We are very pleased to be able to include these pitched windows in our range. Fakro is an experienced manufacturer with a reputation for producing high-quality roof windows at very reasonable prices. There are a number of excellent reasons for considering these roof windows when planning a loft conversion in the UK, including:

Value for Money – Fakro doesn’t make any compromises in terms of quality of materials, construction or functionality when designing and fabricating their roof windows but they are nevertheless eminently affordable. If you want to stretch your budget as far as possible, these windows should definitely be on your shortlist.

Durability – Whether you choose the centre pivot or top hung style, you are assured of a long-lasting product when you choose Fakro roof lights for your home.

Style – These pitched windows have been designed to blend in seamlessly with any type of domestic pitched roof. If you are looking for a subtle yet stylish way to improve your property, they could be the perfect option.

Ease of Maintenance – Fakro’s quality roof windows are designed with ease of maintenance very much in mind. The centre-pivot roof windows can be rotated through 180 degrees, enabling you to clean the outside pane from the inside.

Security – Fakro’s range of roof windows is fitted with the topSafe security system which, together with toughened glass, help to make each model exceptionally secure.

For all these reasons and more, we are very happy to recommend Fakro products to all of our customers.

Are Fakro Roof Windows a Good Choice if I Want as Much Daylight as Possible in My Home?

Absolutely, yes. If you would like to maximise the amount of sunlight that is able to find its way into your new loft conversion, Fakro’s pitched roof windows are an excellent choice. The units in this range have been especially designed to create the largest surface area of glazing possible for each frame size.

Do Fakro’s Roof Lights Provide Adequate Insulation?

Fakro has used a combination of eco-friendly technologies in these units to produce the most thermally efficient roof windows anywhere in the world today. If you want to make sure your loft conversion is easy to heat in the winter and easy to keep cool in the summer, Fakro’s pitched roof lights should be at the top of your shopping list.

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