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Buy a New Bedroom Skylight, Rooflight or Roof Lantern

If you are looking for a new, high-quality bedroom skylight that’s designed with ease of installation in mind, you need to check out our range now. We supply premium skylights, rooflights and roof lanterns to private and trade customers across the United Kingdom. With decades of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge, we are one of the leading suppliers in the country and we look forward to meeting your needs in the very near future. Whatever type of skylight you are shopping for, you will find a great selection from which to choose on our website.

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Benefits of a Bedroom Rooflight, Skylight or Roof Lantern

There are many different reasons that prompt people to install a skylight in their bedroom, among which the following are most commonly cited:

More Natural Light – The number one reason for installing a skylight in your bedroom has to be the additional sunlight it allows into the space. During the daytime, a skylight will help to create a brighter, more airy atmosphere in your bedroom.

More Fresh Air – With an operable bedroom skylight, you can enjoy more fresh air as well as more natural light in your bedroom.

Improved Sleeping Pattern – Some people find they are more easily able to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern when they are exposed to the cycle of natural light and darkness that a skylight makes possible.

Healthier Environment – Mould spores and other unwanted organic visitors normally thrive in damp, dark corners. The addition of a bedroom roof lantern, rooflight or skylight will help to ensure there are no such corners in your home.

Energy Efficiency – There is less need for artificial illumination in rooms that are fitted with skylights. This means you can reduce your energy consumption at the same time as improving the ambience in your bedroom.

Resale Value – It is possible that the addition of a quality bedroom skylight could make your property more appealing to prospective buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Bedroom Skylights Compromise My Privacy?

Whether your privacy could possibly be compromised by installing new skylights in your bedroom will depend on a number of factors:

Size – The larger the skylights you plan to install, the greater the chances of your privacy being compromised, depending of course on the other factors that we discuss below. If you think that there may be an issue with overlooking properties, you could simply choose smaller skylights or have them fitted with obscure glass.

Location of Property – The location of your home will play a big part in deciding whether new skylights in your bedroom could compromise your privacy. If there are no properties that overlook the section of roof over your bedroom, there should be no major privacy concerns. If there are, you will have to think carefully about your choice of glazing and the size of the skylights that you install.

Type of Glazing – If you have your heart set on installing skylights with plain glazing, in order to maximise the amount of sunlight that illuminates your bedroom during the daytime, you will need to ensure there are no overlooking properties in the vicinity first. However, if there are, please don’t worry because all is not lost. You can still enjoy plenty of additional daylight by installing skylights fitted with obscure or privacy glass.

In short, while privacy may be a concern for some homeowners, it is a concern that is easily overcome through appropriate glazing and size choices when ordering your new skylights.

Are Bedroom Skylights Very Expensive?

How much your new skylights cost will depend on a few things, such as the size and make of skylights you buy, the people you hire to fit them and the total number you install. If you would like to keep the cost to a minimum, we recommend focusing on smaller models with plain glazing and shopping around for a local installer that offers value-for-money services in your part of the country.

Will the Skylights Be Difficult to Install?

Some skylights can be quite difficult to install but if you order from Rooflights and Roof Lanterns, your chances of enjoying a hassle-free installation process will be greatly increased. All of the models that you see on our website have been designed with ease of installation as a priority, to minimise the problems our customers encounter when having new skylights fitted.

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Whatever your reasons for wanting to install a bedroom rooflight, skylight or roof lantern, you will find the perfect model on our website.