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Dome Rooflight Polycarbonate - Mardome Trade


This Item is Made To Order

Maximum quantity available reached.

Most sizes Delivered within 48 hours.

High thermal performance
Clip-on features - fast to fit


No visible fixings
Simple neat design

Easy Fit

made to measure

Key Features

  • UK mainland delivery
  • Fast delivery
  • Great U values
  • Sleek, contemporary inside and out
  • Available in Single Double, Triple Skins and Quad skins
  • Many sizes available from 600x750mm up to 1800x2400mm
  • Various dome finishes available
  • Option to purchase Multiwall PVC kerb

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Dome Rooflight Polycarbonate are available in sizes a range of sizes and glazing types.

This is the installation guideline. You can download a PDF at the base of this page. Product data sheet provided at the bottom too.

Size Range

Available in standard sizes from 450x450mm up to 2400x1800mm in 150mm increments. If your size is not listed then please contact us to discuss your options.

Measuring Guide for fitting to builders upstand

Measure external builders upstand

Acceptable tolerance:

 Fixed / unvented domes = dome size +20/-20mm

 Opening / vented domes = dome size +40/-20mm

As an example, if fitting on a builder’s upstand, the width should be 75mm and height of the upstand should be 150mm high. If you purchase a 900mm by 900mm from the drop down menu on our website your external timber size as shown in red above (Measure here) should be 900mm by 900mm.

To use an example, if attaching on a builder’s upstand, the width should be 75mm and height of the upstand should be 150mm high. If you purchase a 900mm by 900mm then the external timber size as shown in red above should be 900mm by 900mm. There is a drop-down feature on our website to aid your selection of these. In this example your external timber size as shown in red above (Measure here) should be 900mm by 900mm.

Measuring Guide for domes with PVC kerb

Measure internal roof opening

Acceptable tolerance = dome size +20/-30mm

To use an example, if buying with a 150mm or 300mm high upstand and you purchase a 900mm by 900mm then your structural opening size as shown in red above should be 900mm by 900mm. There is a drop-down feature on our website to aid your selection of these. In this example your structural opening size as shown in red above (Measure here) should be 900mm by 900mm.

Glazing details:

*Centre pane U-value is a measure of the thermal efficiency of the glazing type.

#Ud-value is a measure of the thermal efficiency of the whole rooflight (calculated in accordance with NARM Technical Document NTD2).

~Glass glazing option is not available with the access hatch option and limits other opening options depending on size

Part L Building Regulations require a U-value of at least 2.2W/m2K: Brett Martin Daylight Systems recommend the use of at least triple skin rooflights in all applications


Polycarbonate rooflight light transmission properties are highlighted in the table underneath:

Clear - high visibility

Maximum light generation

Optimum clarity of vision and transparency of views and objects through the dome

Opal - diffused light and solar control

Maximum levels of diffused light generation joined with privacy

Restricts solar glare and subtracts solar heat gain

Impairs vision of optics and materials through the product

Patterned - privacy

Marries privacy with high levels of light processing

Less significant daylight

Repels sights of views and objects through the dome

Bronze - solar control

Minimises solar glare and heat gain

Offers a lower light transmission


Builders upstand (opening / vented)

Dome is supplied complete with uPVC frame that fixes to top of builders upstand and houses any opening / ventilation equipment

150mm uPVC

For mounting at roof surface level, providing 150mm of waterproofing height (exact kerb profile varies with specification)

300mm uPVC

For mounting typically below roof surface level, providing 300mm of height for insulation and waterproofing

Trickle Vents

2 manually operated hit and miss trickle vents providing combined 8400mm² equivalent area ventilation. Please note trickle vents cannot be supplied with 450mm by 450mm size.


10 year manufacturer’s warranty.



Dome Rooflight Polycarbonate Mardome Trade

Mardome Trade roof lights are a new and innovative way to reduce energy costs while making your home look great. The secret behind the Mardome Trade dome is its patented design, which directs natural light into your home while capturing heat that would otherwise go out. This makes it an ideal choice for any homeowner looking to lower their energy bill while also maximising natural lighting.

At Rooflights & Roof Lanterns, we are committed to providing our clients with the very best lighting solutions available. We are confident that Mardome Trade meets all of the essential factors to bring you a high-quality product that’s built to last.

Thanks to the use of polycarbonate, you can trust that your dome roof light will withstand inclement weather conditions without fail. So if you’re looking to improve the natural light levels in your home or business, Mardome roof lights may be the perfect solution to your needs.

Why Choose the Mardome Trade Rooflight?

The Mardome Trade dome is a patented, environmentally conscious rooflight that’s waterproof and designed to keep your home warm during the colder seasons.

These roof lanterns are made of polycarbonate, which is strong enough to withstand high winds. The dome shape provides natural light without compromising on heating or cooling. Additional benefits include:

  • The dome rooflights are waterproof, making them an excellent choice for any climate.
  • They are energy efficient, which means they also save you on your electric bill.
  • They are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, giving your home a modern look while reducing cost.
  • With the dome rooflights, natural light is maximised, so you don’t have to worry about expensive lighting bills.
  • Mardome Trade rooflights are easy to install, ensuring greater efficiency.

Dome rooflights are an excellent option for your home or business. They provide a multitude of benefits and advantages you won’t find in traditional skylights. So if you’re looking to give your space an updated look and feel, Mardome Trade has you covered.

Contact Rooflights & Roof Lanterns for Assistance

Let us help you find the perfect solution to your home or business’s interior lighting needs. We’re happy to assist you in choosing the right glazing, finish, shape, and more. Our goal is to help you find the best rooflight for your needs.

So please contact us today by calling 020 8087 2004 or emailing info@rlrl.co.uk. Soon, you can experience the difference our lighting options make.

Lead time for this product is 2-3 working days for the sizes below. Lead time for all other sizes will be on application, other sizes will be between 3-7 working days but this depends workload. Lead time for Pyramid shape is also 3-7 working days. 450×450, 600x600m, 750×750, 900×600, 900×750, 900×900, 1050×600, 1050×750, 1050×1050, 1200×600, 1200×900, 1200×1200, 1350×1050, 1350×1350, 1500×1050, 1500×1500, 1800×900, 1800×1200, 1800×1800 .

Please Note lead time to Ireland will be longer than the standard lead time above. Deliveries are all day deliveries; a text message will be sent with the delivery date to the mobile number provided with the order. We do not recommend arranging equipment and installation until the item has been delivered..

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