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Ultraframe Roof Lanterns

Ultraframe Roof Lanterns

Ultraframe roof lanterns are a great way to bring extra light into a room while also taking advantage of modern architectural design. Ultraframe roof lanterns give you the freedom to create a unique look, with sizes and frames that can be customised or changed out easily. Ultraframe roof lanterns feature advanced thermally-broken aluminum frames with multi-chamber construction to help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The high performance ceiling cassettes promote natural ventilation, while the slim frame allows almost unobstructed views of the sky. Ultraframe roof lanterns provide an elegant look and long-lasting durability, making them perfect for any interior space or outdoor living area.

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Why buy a roof lantern?

Roof lanterns are a great option to brighten and enliven any room to add value, style and interest to interior design. Not only are roof lanterns incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but they also bring in a huge quantity of natural light into the roof space - this additional light helps create a unique atmosphere and can aid in reducing the time you have lights switched on during the day.

Fast and Easy Installation

Installing an Ultraframe lantern using a RidgeLOCK system has never been easier. With the system pre-assembled, clip-on end covers to protect them from the elements and thermal clips already installed for stress free fitting - plus easy fit capping - a competent installer can guarantee you an effortless installation with no surprises.

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