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Need Rooflight & Home Window Blinds Specialist?

Blinds Rooflights UK

We are proud to announce we have teamed up with a specialist UK blinds manufacturer and installers with over 40 years’ experience in the blind industry. Providing blinds for all of your rooflights and windows in your entire home. Providing a measuring and installation service within the M25 area to make life easier and supply only nationwide.


See below the list of some blinds we now offer:


Rooflight and Roof Lantern Blinds:

Pleated blinds are neat, modern and an increasingly popular choice.

Pleated blinds offer a fashionable modern look for your windows or Rooflight Blinds and are tailor-made to fit the most intricate and complicated windows. They are particularly suited for Rooflights and conservatories. All of these pleated blinds are manufactured by hand in the UK and it is this accuracy of manufacturing and quality of installation that gives you perfect results every time. You can choose from a wide range of shades, colours and patterns for your pleated blinds that are available in a beautiful range of fabrics.


Blinds for Rooflights & Windows
Blinds for Rooflights


Opening Operation

Manual opening: Would consist of a 2M pole as standard which can be cut to your desired length.

Motorised opening: Provided with a Remote to open and close your blinds.

Voice operation: Want to show off! Ask Alexa or your Google Hub to open your blinds for you.


Blinds for Windows 
Blinds for Roof Windows


Blinds for the Entire Home - Window Blinds

We benefit from using a company that have been making many of their window blinds locally in their dedicated workshop which is different to most of the local competitors who they also supply blinds to. Having the control and ability to hand make these blinds using the best quality fabrics and components gives them total control of their high-quality finished products.  We are also lucky to have a very experienced team of blind makers who have manufactured pleated, roller, vertical, duo-vision and perfect-fit blinds for many years for all valued customers.

The advantages of window blinds include shading, privacy, control of light & heat, blackout, décor and window dressing. Additionally, there are high specification fabrics for roller blinds and pleated blinds that will keep you cool in the summer and prevent heat loss in the winter for the best protection all year round.

Blinds for Roof Lanterns
Blinds for Windows UK
Roof Lanterns and Roof Lights Blinds


The Perfect Blind for Patio Doors or Bi-folding Doors:

Allusion blinds are a unique window dressing for the modern home and are perfect for fitting to larger windows, patio doors and bi-folding doors. They can be described as a cross between a curtain, a vertical blind, and a voile. This makes allusion blinds a unique product that is suitable for many different windows in your home, particularly larger windows or openings.

Allusion blinds are designed perfectly to fit this bigger space, to bridge this gap and look beautiful on numerous windows and doors around the home.

 Elevate your space with rooflight and window blinds

Premium blinds for both roofs and windows
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure for my Blind if I am installing this myself?

Measure from your internal reveal (structural opening) Please ensure to factor in plasterboard thickness if not already in place when measuring.

Can I arrange a home consultation?

Please Provide your details in our contact us form and we will arrange a call back to arrange a home consultation if located within the are covered for home visits

Do you provide Black Out Blinds?

We do provide Black Out Blinds and can provide side channels to reduce light bleeding through the side of the blinds improving BLACK OUT performance.

Do you provide Installation for Blinds?

Installation can be arranged on the home consultation if you are looking for both supply and installation depending where you are located. We are also able to provide supply only

Do you provide Motorised Blinds?

We provide both Manual Blinds with a pole and Motorised Blinds with Wall Switch, Remote options. You can even ask Alexa or Google Hub to open your blinds.