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  •    Flat Roof Windows 600 x 900 

Our Velux Flat Roof Windows 600 x 900 Range

Our Velux flat roof windows (600 x 900) are a splendid choice for residential properties with flat roofs. If you have a downstairs kitchen or bathroom extension that could really do with more natural light, these models are perfect for your needs. Many industry experts suggest that when sizing a new flat roof window, you follow this formula: Area of Skylight = 3-5% of Area of Floor in Room Below. In this particular case, 600mm x 900mm = 0.54 m2, which is 3% of 18 m2 or 5% of 10.8 m2. This means that a Velux flat roof window of these dimensions would be ideal for most bathrooms in British homes and for smaller kitchens or utility rooms as well.


Points to Consider Before Ordering Velux Flat Roof Windows (600 x 900)

Before you go ahead and place an order, we suggest considering the following points carefully, to make sure that you buy the very best roof windows for your property and specific requirements:

How Much Light You Need – If you want as much light as possible, you may wish to consider a larger size. Although this would go against the recommended formula we mentioned earlier, that was intended simply as a guideline and there is no reason you cannot ignore it if you are aiming to create the brightest space possible with a new roof window. If, however, you simply want a bit more natural light, in order to create a more pleasing environment, 600 x 900 could be an excellent option for you to consider.

The Colour Scheme of the Room – Some roof windows come with black frames, some come with white frames and some may have a choice of frame colours. You need to make sure that the model you choose is available with a frame colour that will complement the existing colour scheme in the room it is intended for.

Privacy Concerns – If you are looking for roof windows that are ideal for domestic bathrooms, you will probably want to focus on models that can be supplied with obscure or frosted glazing. If you want a roof window for your kitchen, privacy may not be such an important factor but is still worth considering.

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