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Why Top Hung Roof Windows and Top Hung Skylights are so Popular

Roof windows are available as either centre pivot, high pivot or top hung. Top hung is an extremely popular choice because with this type of window, the sky is literally the limit. Top hung windows pivot at the top of the frame and open up to 90°. They provide maximum exposure to the outdoors and are an ideal choice to fulfil the role of escape windows. 

But that's not the extent of their benefits. Because top hung roof windows and top hung skylights provide such an expansive opening they also provide outstanding ventilation. With your top hung roof windows open the air will glide through your entire housekeeping things fresh and discouraging moisture build-up and the mould and mildew that comes with it.

In addition, because your home is now a paragon of thru-ventilation you will not have to spend as much during the summer months to keep it cool. And during the colder months, our thoroughly insulated top hung roof windows and skylights keep your expensive heated air inside where it belongs.

Finally, the aesthetic boost your home will enjoy after the installation of bespoke top hung roof windows by Rooflights & Roof Lanterns will help boost its market value. It’s possible that boost in value alone will be enough to offset the installation cost.


Top Hung Roof Windows or Top Hung Skylights?

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