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  •    Roof Lantern 1m x 2m 

Roof Lantern 1m x 2m Range From RLRL

For a roof lantern, 1m x 2m is relatively small. However, thanks to the clever design of the models that we stock, even the smallest ones are able to allow plenty of light in, which makes them a great choice for compact homes and smaller commercial premises in the UK. If you have always wanted to install a stylish roof lantern in your property but have been reluctant to go ahead due to a lack of roof space, we invite you to browse our selection now and see exactly what we have to offer. Once you have spent some time evaluating our roof lanterns we feel sure you will be interested in finally putting your plans into action.


Choosing Options for Your New Roof Lantern: 1m x 2m Dimensions and More

We offer several custom options to our customers that place an online order for a new roof lantern, including the following:

Dimensions – As you already know that you want a lantern of 1m x 2m in size, we don’t need to talk about dimensions but should you change your mind, you will find many other sizes from which to choose, as well as a custom sizing option.

Glazing – The available glazing options vary from model to model but may include clear, blue, neutral or bronze glass, as well as glass with a self-clean coating. When deciding on a glazing option you should consider how much light you want to allow in, whether privacy or heat is a concern and your overall budget.

Frame Colour – You can further customise your new roof lantern by specifying your preferred interior and exterior frame colours.

If you should need any help making your choices, please feel free to call and speak to one of our advisors or to send us a message requesting a callback.

Installing Your New Roof Lantern

As an online supplier with a nationwide delivery service, we are unfortunately unable to offer an installation service as well. We recommend searching for a trustworthy tradesperson in your area, with experience in fitting roof lanterns in properties that are similar to yours. If possible, we also suggest that you ask to see references, together with examples of jobs that he or she has already completed, just to make sure they are competent and able to deliver on all of their promises.

For more installation recommendations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.