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High-Quality Ridge Skylight, Rooflight and Roof Lantern

A ridge skylight is designed to be installed at the apex of a pitched roof, so the ridge along the centre of the skylight aligns with the roof ridge line. With such a skylight you can increase the amount of daylight in any room in your house, without spoiling your roofline as seen from the outside. If you are interested in having a ridge rooflight, skylight or roof lantern installed, we invite you to browse our range at your leisure. If you need any help making your choice, please feel free to contact us, either by phone during business hours or by email at any time.

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Choosing the Perfect Installation Site for a Ridge Roof Lantern or Skylight

It is important to consider all the relevant factors when choosing where to install a new ridge skylight or roof lantern, in order to maximise the benefits you enjoy.

Desired Amount of Light – The exact location of your new skylight will play a big part in determining exactly how much natural light penetrates the space below.

Acceptable Heat Gain – If you would like to minimise any additional heat generated from your new skylight, we recommend choosing an east-facing installation site where possible. For maximum additional heat, a west-facing installation site is preferred.

Privacy Concerns – If any part of your home is overlooked by neighbouring properties, this may affect your choice of installation site for any skylights that you purchase. However, with tinted and frosted glass available as an option with many models, this may not matter very much.

You are always welcome to call and speak to us if you need any help choosing the right location for a new skylight but you may find it easier to talk things through with a local installation team or architect.

Ordering and Paying for Your New Ridge Skylight or Roof Lantern

You can order and pay for your new ridge skylight now, on our website. Once we have received your order and checked it over, it will be sent to manufacturing. Depending on the exact model you order, you can expect to receive it in 3-10 working days.