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Replacement Skylights for the Finishing Touches to Your New Roof

If you are currently in the process of planning a reroofing project for your home or business premises, you may be wondering what to do with the skylights that are already installed on the roof in question. Some people opt to re-flash rather than replace existing skylights, in order to save time and money. But the reality of the matter is that in the majority of cases, this is probably not the best decision. 

 Replacement Skylights for the Finishing Touches to Your New Roof


Replacement skylights have a number of benefits to offer, which make them an excellent choice in many situations:

Lower Long-Term Costs – Replacing the skylights as part of a reroofing project is a more cost-effective way to upgrade your property. Assuming the skylights in question have been in place for some time, they will almost certainly need to be replaced before the next reroofing, which means it will be cheaper to do all the work at the same time.

More Time-Efficient Approach – In addition to saving money, you can also save time by installing replacement skylights during a reroofing project. You will already have a full complement of skilled workers at your disposal, with all the tools and materials required to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Better Results – If you leave your existing skylights in place, and surround them with new flashing and tiles, the end result is likely to be less than pleasing to the eye. With brand new skylights on the other hand, you will be able to achieve a pleasing, uniform finish that looks great from both far away and up close.

Similar Warranty Terms – By installing replacement skylights at the same time as a new roof, you will be able to ensure that you have extended warranties in place for the whole structure. This will make your life much easier in the event you need to make a claim at some point in the future.

Avoiding Possible Problems in the Future – Older skylights will eventually begin to deteriorate to a point where they start to cause problems such as leaks and draughts, which you can easily avoid by replacing them now.

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