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Skylight, Rooflight and Roof Lantern for Low Pitch Roof

If you are shopping for a skylight for a low-pitch roof, we invite you to check out our range of high-quality units. Each skylight that we sell is made in the United Kingdom and is supplied with a full warranty. We have both standard and dome skylights, both of which can be installed on a low-pitch roof with a builder's upstand or kerb. All units are manufactured to exacting standards and tolerances and can be delivered to any location in the UK. Spend as long as you like browsing our selection and please feel free to get in touch with us if you should need any further information.


Installing a Skylight for Low Pitch Roof Buildings

Any skylight or rooflight for low-pitch roof buildings that you buy from us will have been designed with ease of installation in mind. The main difference you will find when installing a skylight on a low pitch roof (as opposed to installing one on a steep roof) is the size of the kerb or upstand that is required. The exact height of the upstand will depend on the pitch of the roof but, as a rule of thumb, the skylight should be at an angle of at least 3%-5% once it has been installed.

The reason that you have to ensure there is a minimum angle created when installing a skylight for low-pitch roof buildings is to facilitate water drainage. Water tends to pool on flat glass surfaces and when it evaporates it can leave behind unsightly marks that are difficult to remove completely.

Buying a Skylight or Rooflight for Low Pitch Roof Buildings

Once you have had time to explore our range in full and you have decided which skylight you would like to order, you can complete your purchase straight away, without leaving our website. Simply select your desired dimensions, along with any optional extras you may require, and then add the skylight you have chosen to your virtual cart. If you are only planning to order a single unit, you can now proceed directly to our secure online checkout area.

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