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  •    4m x 5m Roof Lantern

Buy Your 4m x 5m Roof Lantern Online at a Great Price

Buying a new 4m x 5m roof lantern doesn't have to be a difficult, time-consuming task, not if you choose us as your supplier. We have been selling high-quality, UK-made roof lanterns to trade and private customers for over 25 years, making us one of the most experienced companies anywhere in the country today. We pride ourselves on providing a first-class customer service by ensuring that every order is processed quickly and efficiently, without any unnecessary delays. Orders for standard sizes can be placed online at any time, via our website, or during normal business hours by calling and speaking to a member of our team. Custom-size orders can be placed by following the process outlined below.

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Factors to Consider Before Placing Your Order

A 4m x 5m roof lantern is not a small unit by anybody’s standards so we recommend considering all relevant factors carefully before placing your order:

Aspect – If the room in which you are planning to install your new roof lantern faces south, you may wish to consider a smaller model as it is likely to receive a great deal of direct sunlight. On the other hand, a roof lantern of this size could be perfect for a north-facing room.

Budget – As you would expect, larger roof lanterns are commensurately more expensive than smaller ones so make you’re your budget allows for a unit of this size.

Delivery Access – With a unit of this size, site access is an important consideration too. Make sure you are able to receive your new roof lantern without any unexpected complications.

Having carefully considered all relevant factors, please don’t hesitate to place your order whenever you wish.

How to Order a 4m x 5m Roof Lantern From Us

A roof lantern of this size is larger than most manufacturers offer in their standard range, which means you will need to take advantage of our Custom Size service. In order to do this, simply click on the Custom Size button on the relevant product page and complete the contact form that appears. After filling in your name and contact details, please let us know what you are looking for by typing your message in the provided text box. As soon as we see your request, we will respond. Once you have had time to evaluate our offer, you are welcome to complete your order, either online or over the phone.