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Choosing the Perfect Roof Lantern for Your Home

If you wish to install a 2m x 3m roof lantern in your home but you are not sure which model or which glazing and frame options to choose, we recommend considering the following factors before making up your mind:

Exterior Design of Your Property – You will want to order a model of roof lantern that perfectly complements the existing exterior design features of your property. To make sure that you do, focus on frame colours, glazing type and overall style when evaluating each product in our catalogue.

How Much Light You Want to Reach the Space Below Your New Roof Lantern – Your choice of glazing options (clear or tinted) should also be guided by the amount of natural light you would like to reach the space below the lantern.

Your Budget – Decide how much money you are happy to spend on your new roof lantern before you start shopping in earnest and you could save yourself a lot of time by focusing on those models that are within your budget from the very start.

Your Interior Décor – When you are choosing interior frame colours and glazing options, we recommend that you consider your interior décor as well as the other factors we have already mentioned.

How Soon You Want to Complete the Installation – If you are working to a tight deadline, you will want to pay special attention to the models that have the shortest lead times (which is normally 3-5 working days at RLRL).


2m x 3m Roof Lantern Models, Made in the United Kingdom

For the very best 2m x 3m roof lantern you can buy, Rooflights & Roof Lanterns is the supplier you should place your order with. We specialise in high-quality, custom manufactured roof lanterns, all of which are made in the United Kingdom. With a reputation for delivering on our promises and a commitment to ensuring our standards never drop, you can rely on us to meet all of your needs without any unexpected hassles or delays. And whatever type of roof lantern you are interested in buying, you are sure to find the perfect model in our 2m x 3m range.

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If you are still not sure which model or which options to choose after considering all of these factors carefully, please do not hesitate to call and speak to us about your needs at any time during normal working hours.