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What are the Best Skylight Brands on the Market?


What are the Best Skylight Brands on the Market?

Skylights are a simple and cost-effective way to fundamentally change the way you experience your home. By adding a vertical dimension to your domestic experience your home will seem more spacious and elegant. Skylights will also bring light into previously dark areas of the house, enable you to reduce your energy consumption and add real market value to your home. 

As with everything else in life not all skylight brands are created equal. Some are beautifully crafted, highly dependable and will add beauty and functionality to your home for years to come. Other brands, not so much. Read on to discover the best skylight brands on the market today.

6 of the Best Skylight Brands on the Market

Like any other product, skylights vary in quality, durability and functionality. It’s important that you choose skylights for your home that will stand up to the elements while also delivering when it comes to beauty and performance. The following represent 6 of the best skylight brands currently on the market.


At Rooflights & Roof Lanterns we offer a wide selection of Mardome rooflight products. We have provided Mardone products for countless homes and businesses and believe in the quality, style and durability of their skylights because we have seen it first hand. Mardone are a leading name in the flat rooflight space and put all their skylights and roof lanterns through rigorous quality control checks. The ultimate beneficiary of their quest for perfection is you, the customer. 


If you are looking for high-quality skylights to install on your pitched roof you would be remiss not to consider Fakro skylights. Fakro skylights are beautifully crafted using the best materials and are engineered to exacting tolerances. In short, Fakro skylights perform as good as they look. No matter the style or age of your home you will find a Fakro skylight that will dovetail with its aesthetics. Add a touch of elegance to your home and save on energy by installing top-of-the-line Fakro skylights.


Korniche skylights and roof lanterns optimise your exposure to natural light while adding visual interest to the exterior of your home or business. Over the years Korniche rooflights have won multiple awards for quality and performance. They are designed to add beauty and sophistication to your home, but they are engineered specifically to help you save energy and improve your home’s overall thermal performance. A good indication of how confident the company is in the quality of their products is their outstanding 10-year warranty.


Wendland skylights take contemporary skylight design to new levels of sophistication while at the same time raising the bar other skylight manufacturers need to clear when it comes to energy efficiency. Wendland flat skylights in particular have garnered extensive praise from both customers and industry sources and are often referred to as the gold standard of modern skylight design. When you have the team at Rooflights & Roof Lanterns provide Wendland skylights for your home or business you’re making the smart call.


Coxdome roof lanterns are known far and wide for their sleek contemporary design, their aesthetic versatility and the quality of the engineering the company put into each and every product. While primarily associated with commercial applications Coxdome roof lanterns and skylights can also be found in private homes, condominium developments and other residential settings. One of the things that set Coxdome apart from many of their competitors is the self-cleaning nature of many of their roof lanterns. This is important as it helps businesses maintain appearances while minimising maintenance costs.

Brett Martin

Brett Martin can boast more than 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality skylights and rooflights for both residential and commercial applications. Brett Martin rooflights and roof lanterns are designed with performance and longevity in mind and occupy an aesthetic middle ground that enables them to look as beautiful on a post-war era semi-detached home as they do on an ultra-modern shopping mall or office block. Brett Martin rooflights are engineered to last with minimal maintenance required. Open your home or business up to the beauty of natural light with Brett Martin rooflights and skylights. 

Why Choose RLRL for Your Skylights

The team at Rooflights & Roof Lanterns have many years of combined experience providing high-quality skylights for homes and businesses throughout Greater London, as well as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and elsewhere including the Midlands, Northwest and beyond.

Our products are among the best in the business. They always exude professionalism, are always ready to answer your questions or address any concerns and their work is always performed to the highest standards. We would not have it any other way.

Contact Rooflights & Roof Lanterns

For the best skylights on the market today, as well as custom products for homes and businesses, contact Rooflights & Roof Lanterns by calling 020 8087 2004.

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