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Skylight Safety: Ensuring Durability and Security


Skylights add an air of sophistication to any home or business while also providing an array of benefits including boosting the market value of the home, reducing energy usage, improving ventilation and more. But skylights can also pose a risk to roofers as well as the people who clean the skylights if those individuals are not careful. In this post we'll look at several ways you can ensure your skylights do not become a danger without compromising their looks or durability.

Ways to Ensure the Safety of Your Skylights

By implementing one of the following safety measures you can help to ensure your skylights do not become a safety hazard for people working on the roof.

Skylight railings: Skylight railings are mostly used on flat roofs. So if you have a roof lantern you may want to look into a skylight railing. These railings can be permanent or temporary. Companies whose rooftops typically see a lot more traffic than homes do may want to opt for the permanent kind, while homeowners may want to keep skylight security screens on-hand to use whenever someone ventures up to the roof. 

Skylight covers: Skylight covers are typically made of a durable fabric and can be stretched over the skylight to protect it from damage while people are working on the roof or if heavy weather is anticipated. Skylight covers draw attention to themselves which helps ensure that anyone on the roof won't accidentally step on the skylight and fall through because they didn't see it.

Skylight fall protection screens: These metal screens create a secure metal mesh arc over the skylight that prevents anyone from stepping on the skylight and falling through, or falling onto the skylight while they're working. Like railings, fall protection screens can be temporary or permanent. Though most people opt for temporary screens that are only installed when someone goes up to the roof to work.


Skylight security is something that must be considered any time someone is scheduled to work. Most homeowners will opt for temporary skylight security measures that can be removed once the work is complete so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the skylights. While business owners will sometimes opt for permanent railings or other security measures around their skylights.

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