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Maximizing Space with Roof Lanterns


Adding a roof lantern will change your home in wonderful and unexpected ways, and change your experience of your home at the same time. Roof lanterns are about more than just adding a classic design element to your house, they're also about opening up tight spaces and making them feel bigger and more liveable. In this post, the team at Rooflights & Roof Lanterns look at the topic of maximizing space with roof lanterns.

4 Different Ways Roof Lanterns Optimise Space

Let's take a look at some of the important ways roof lanterns allow you to maximize space.

1: By flooding the space with light

If you want to make a space seem small just turn out the light or draw the shades. Conversely, if you want a space to feel expansive simply flood it with light. Roof lanterns are one of the most effective ways ever invented for introducing light into a space and thereby making that space feel large, open and airy.

2: By introducing verticality

In the vast majority of cases, roof lanterns are installed in spaces with flat roofs. These flat roofs give the sensation that they are pressing down on the space, exaggerating its horizontality. That all changes when you introduce a roof lantern to such a space. The roof lantern immediately neutralizes that horizontal feeling and introduces a vertical component that helps balance out the dynamics of the space.

3: By making a space more versatile

When you introduce a roof lantern to a space you increase the number of potential ways that space can be used. You can place your dining table under it and add a sense of grandeur to meal times. Or you can place a pool table under it and enjoy billiards beneath the stars. Or you can use the space as an extension of your living room placing a big sofa under the roof lantern. The possibilities are endless.

4: By providing uninterrupted views

With a roof lantern in place, you can stargaze at night, sit on your sofa and watch the clouds pass by, take the measure of the weather, ponder birds as they soar overhead or enjoy the moonlight on a clear evening. You'll have uninterrupted vertical views that will completely transform how you think about the space under the roof lantern.

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  • Josh Hartim