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Skylight Maintenance: Tips and Best Practices


Skylights are a great way to introduce natural light into a space, enhance the experience of your home and bolster its market value. But like everything else in your house, skylights require a certain level of maintenance if they are to always look their best and perform to expectations. In this brief guide, the team at Rooflights & Roof Lanterns turn their attention to the subject of skylight maintenance and offer a few tips and best practices you can apply to your skylights.

Tips and Best Practices for Skylight Maintenance

Below we offer useful tips that will enable you to ensure your skylights have a long and trouble-free existence.

Tip 1: Clean your skylights regularly

Like all windows, skylights get dirty. And while rain can wash away some of that dirt and debris it will never get it all. It’s important you clean the panes of your skylight on a regular basis lest the dirt and debris scratch or etch the surface. Because the exterior of your skylight is likely in a hard-to-reach place we recommend you enlist a professional window cleaning company to handle the job. You may also want them to clean the inside of the window panes, or you can handle it yourself if you have relatively easy access.

Tip 2: Ensure good ventilation to prevent condensation

Excessive humidity in the space under the skylight can lead to condensation buildup. This, in turn, can reduce visibility through the skylight. To prevent this always make sure the area beneath the skylight is well ventilated. Check the attic to ensure there is adequate ventilation there and once a year check the skylight framing for cracks or leaks in the seals, which can also cause condensation.

Tip 3: Have the roof checked for accumulated debris

If you hire a professional window cleaning company to clean your skylights it’s a good idea to have them check for any accumulated dirt and debris around the skylights. Dead leaves, branches and dirt can trap water that pools around the skylights potentially damaging the seals and weakening the framework. 

For More Skylight Maintenance Tips and Best Practices Contact RL&RL

Performing some routine maintenance on your skylights will help ensure they provide many years of trouble-free service. To learn more or to discuss adding skylights to your home or business talk to the skylight pros at Rooflights & Roof Lanterns by calling 020 8087 2004 during regular business hours. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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