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The Impact of Skylights on Home Resale Value


The average cost of a home remodel is somewhere around £100,000 and it's only going up. If you don't have £100,000 of disposable cash to plough into a home remodel consider the fast and cost-effective alternative: skylights from Rooflights & Roof Lanterns. For just a tiny fraction of the cost of remodelling, skylights can fundamentally change the way you and others experience your home and add resale value to your home at the same time.

What is the Impact of Skylights on Home Resale Value?

There is no hard-and-fast number that can be assigned when trying to determine how much resale value skylights add to a home. Instead, you have to consider their impact on the energy efficiency of the house and then determine how much more an energy efficient home is worth.

Skylights impact a home’s energy efficiency in several ways:

  • For starters they flood large portions of the house with natural light, thereby reducing how much electric light is needed. 
  • Second, skylights that open increase ventilation in the home to a significant degree. By opening the skylights on hot summer days you allow the warm air inside to rise and exit the skylight, creating a cooling updraft that reduces the need for air conditioning. 
  • And during the cold weather months, sunlight streaming in through the skylights helps to warm the interior of the house, allowing you to turn down the thermostat and save even more money.

With all of these factors working in your favour your monthly energy bills are likely to be substantially lower after installing skylights. With that in mind, we direct you to publicly available real estate industry studies that indicate a more energy efficient home is worth 5-8% more on the open market than a home that wastes energy. Since the average UK home is worth some £300,000, 5-8% is an average of £15,000 to £24,000. Many times what it will cost to install skylights.

Learn More About Skylights by Contacting RL&RL Today

When trying to quantify the effect skylights have on home value it’s necessary to consider the myriad ways they make a home more energy efficient. When you do, you will see that installing skylights is not just a smart way to boost your home’s market value, it’s a smart way to enhance the experience of your home and reduce your energy dependence at the same time. To learn more call RL&RL today on 020 8087 2004.

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