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Can You Install Skylights on a Flat Roof?


Is It Possible to Install Skylights on a Flat Roof?

Whilst many people choose to install roof lanterns in flat roofs, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow suit. If you are not keen on roof lanterns or you would like to complete your home improvements in the most cost-effective way possible, you might find that it’s possible to use skylights instead.

Can I Have Skylights on My Flat Roof?

In almost all cases the answer to this question is going to be yes. The only qualification is that skylights are normally designed with a minimum pitch (roof angle) in mind and if they are not installed at this angle or greater, drainage may become an issue. However, it is possible to solve this issue by using a prefabricated curb: a fitting that will elevate one end of the skylight to the minimum angle specified by the manufacturer. With this in mind, there really should be no reason why you cannot have skylights installed in your flat roof, whether you are considering doing it in a residential or commercial property. As long as you hire a team of experienced installers, you should not experience any difficulties with your new skylights.

Why Would I Want Skylights Rather Than Roof Lanterns?

As we mentioned earlier, the majority of people who own a property with a flat roof opt for roof lanterns rather than skylights. However, there are several reasons that you may wish to buck the trend and have skylights fitted instead:

  • More Ventilation – Most roof lanterns are not designed to open so if you are keen to improve the ventilation in your property, skylights are the better option.
  • Small Budget – If you are working with a small budget, you will generally find that skylights are less expensive than roof lanterns of a comparable size.
  • Aesthetic Preferences – If you prefer the sleeker look of skylights, a large roof lantern may not be what you are looking for. Even with a curb, a skylight will follow the line of your roof more naturally. An elegant roof lantern is an excellent choice for a period property but for contemporary homes that follow a minimalist architectural design brief, a skylight is likely to blend in better.

If you are still not sure whether you should opt for skylights or roof lanterns, or you would like to make sure that you can have skylights fitted in your flat roof, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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